Pain, coming in cuts, spades, fire, numbling, torch, hammer and few other thoughts and feelings


There is no thought left,

The wider uncoloured space

Eating me alive inside it.

No more move.

Vacuuming your brain.

Derailing bunches of air,

Next to me.

Aglutinating the smell of fresh,

Until one can chew its misery.

I am falling into my body.

The fall is slow, I can feel the slide.

All anybodies around me

Cease to count.

Like shadows, they move my bunches of air

Until scratching my brain.

Wishes cannot make it to the heaven anylonger.

a void


I used to sing to balance my soul,

Weeping, and mourning, and laughing with tears

Having the sounds as friends and readers.

But now i am sitting on thoughts and sigh.

Smart voice in my head turns to me:

The air is thick, the noise shall die.

“It seems you were not supposed to reach the void.”

At least, this is what I heard.

skin colour (en)


my skin colour started to flow

from within me

and soon I was nothing left

around, to be

then all lights had faint

when they noticed

themselves unstable in selves

not quite right, I said

my colour should be just a fact.

caught in a zero (en)


I’m trying to escape the zero:

– contracted to fulfill its space

I’m constantly checking every trace

trying to find or feel just a little place

wherein I can get myself out

with all my grace.

But, no need to tell you about:

– there has been ever no hero

to crash any zero,

neither I have had known a zero

to caught any hero…

selling words away (en)


Words for Sale! Words for Sale!

musically sung words, little words

  words with three letters,

words with capital letters,

Cheap words! Words for Sale!

Please, beautiful lady,

let your thoughts to go away…

let your hair to style astray…

let me hold you on my way

asking you just to obey,

feel the rest within my words

share with me these little swords:

Words for Sale! Cheeeap words!

searching for myself (en)


I pledge for you will be

the vigil of my inner thoughts

and doing so

you’ll let my fears go

youl’ll ease my body bow

you’ll set my shouts low

and stop the  others feeling sorrow

protecting me for borrowing a love that’s not to borrow …

I pledge for you will be

the vigil of my inner soughts