Luminita Ratiu



After her relocation to Berlin in 2012, and a necessary accommodation period, she turned her interest toward art and literature field. She started archiving her poetry and short literature writings and translating it into other languages. She is also translating other authors.

Besides translating and writing, she also creates innovating games with a focus on language learning, which she considers to be a path in understanding our own biases and cultural constructions.

She is passionate about art, poetry, semiotics and languages, and she can handle herself several languages, such as Romanian, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic Norwegian and Russian.

During her free time, she takes hundreds of online courses and reads the news, being an avid learner and reader. 

An attentive observer and a cultural traveller, she investigates continuously into new ways of promoting and consuming art, being currently involved in the initiation phase of a first online platform on promoting the use of artworks in media and news outlets as stock images, shaping a new communication channel for artists, on the one side, and publishers, on the other side, within a wider promotion of the alternative use of art as a communication tool.